Sunday, 14 July 2013

What I'm up to now

It has been very quiet on the blog lately. When the sun shines as it does in the UK at the moment it is difficult being indoors more than the 8 or so h work requires. But there have also been other things. I've booked my driving test, we are moving and there is a vacation coming up. All that in August. So July is all preparations.

I have some photos from a recent sewing project I'll throw up soon. But first I'll share what I'm working with slowly throughout the summer. A quilt! A friend and I decided to each hand sew a quilt this summer. As well as being a fun experience to do together, it is a suitable sewing project for my day to day life at the moment. I can use up my scrap fabric pieces (less to pack for the move!) and sew a little bit during my lunch breaks in the garden as a way to relax.

I decided to make a hexagon quilt with help of an E-course on this amazing site which I learned about from this amazing blog.

I have so much work left on it, but here are two progress photos in the meantime (forgive the crap quality, pics taken with phone in the evening).

Starting with the inspiration:


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