Monday, 22 July 2013

Sewing: Colette Iris sneak peek

My photography troubles continue. In my last post I complained about not having a tripod. This time I'll complain about the flash on the camera. One of my loveliest friends visited this gone weekend and we had just the best time. British weather at its best, lots of yummy food and fun activities. However, for some of the time my camera flash kept popping up and I didn't realise until we got home. So I came home with a camera full of washed out photos. Massive face palm moment.

I wore a pair of Colette Iris shorts I made from a curtain (so much Sound of Music inspiration behind these) on Sunday. I've been dying to blog them and embarrassed myself yesterday by taking photos of my own reflection in amazing antique mirrors at the flea market we went to. But to no avail.

So until I get those darn photos, I stole two from my friend's Facebook album. A sneak peek, if you will.

And a bit of what we got up to, through my Instagram pics.

Saturday: Beach time! Who needs South of France when you have South of England? ;) And no beach day without ice cream.

Having people over is the best excuse to buy some fresh flowers (and clean the house?). My local florist introduced me to the 'five pound posy'. Basically a little bouquet for five pounds. Affordable and adorable!

Sunday: After a day of serious flea market shopping what's better than making cobbler, drinking tea and watching girly films?


  1. Oooo love the look of these shorts! Look forward to seeing some more pictures! And your weekend looks absolutely lovely- esp. the ice cream at the seaside! :)

  2. Coming late to the party to compliment your shorts, but these are definitely something I would make. I love color and patterns and have to find ways to tone myself down. Really lovely!

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment! Colours are amazing, the brighter the better! xx

  3. Love the floral shorts. These are things that I love: color and pattern, so I would SO love some shorts like yours. They are beautiful.