Sunday, 27 January 2013

DIY: "the white sack"

I'm a sucker for great natural materials. Present me with second hand 100% cotton/silk/wool/leather/etc and polyester designer stuff and you can bet I'll choose the former.  So throughout spring last year I lived in the below COS cotton sweatshirt paired with skinny jeans. (It was originally a dress length sweatshirt, but I cropped it ages ago.)

But when my boyfriend started referring to my much loved sweatshirt as "the white sack" it stuck in my head and it didn't take long before I too shared this view and started feeling like a bag of potatoes every time I wore it. So I decided it needs altering.

But then came summer and skirts, dresses and sandals became a priority. Then autumn where white felt totally irrelevant. So the poor sweatshirt got forgotten about. But! Now we are approaching spring again and the current trends left me buzzing with inspiration of what to do with it.

In the end I decided to combine two trends, namely the graphic black/white and the leather, and made a cardigan with leather details. Easy peasy! See below for steps.


  1. White top
  2. (Faux) Leather - I butchered an old mini skirt that's been collecting dust in my wardrobe
  3. Scissors
  4. Sewing machine/Needle & thread/Textile glue


  1. Cut open down the middle of the front.
  2. Cut out two squares form the faux leather and attach one on each side using your method of choice, sewing or textile glue.
  3. I wanted a blazer style look so folded out the top of the sides in a diagonal line and sewed in place. 

And that's that. From no longer loved to new favourite. Isn't crafting just magical?


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