Sunday, 25 November 2012

Advent preparations - lanterns

Hey again!

Look at me spoiling you with regular updates. It must be the Christmas feeling. ;)

Right, so I love Christmas. The whole Christmas season. Absolutely love it. The anticipation, the snow, the lights in winter darkness, the shiny decorations, the music, the food, the mulled wine, the social events, the gift wrapping, the family time, even the Christmas themed coffees. It's just cosy from beginning to end.

The one thing I can't stand though is the flight home. I hate flying normally (no fear, just hassle), but Christmas flying = pain in the ass^infinity. So this year I'm staying put in the UK for Christmas. Since it's my first Christmas here I have 0 decorations. 

No problem, I'll just make some. Starting with some advent candle lanterns.


  • Glass jars or tumblers - if jars, wash thoroughly and soak in some hot water for a while to remove labels
  • Hessian cloth
  • Embroidery thread (if you can't be bothered embroidering, you can just use a permanent marker, or maybe some sequin trim?)

Wrap the Hessian around the jars to figure out how large pieces you need. Cut to size.

The next step is drawing numbers on the Hessian. I can't free-draw even straight lines, hence the ruler.

If you go for embroidery or a trim, this is where that comes in. If you decided to just use a permanent marker, ignore this step.

(Ignore my lines by the edges of the cloth, I initially planned to hot glue the hessian to the jar and marked where to glue, but then changed my mind about the whole gluing business.)

Stitch, or if you are lazy (and if you are I don't judge - I went with needle and thread because I was too lazy to wait for the hot glue gun to heat up), you can glue the hessian to the jars.

And then just wait for it to get dark.

Can't wait for next Sunday: mulled wine, gingerbread cookies and first candle!

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Earings as easy as pie

Hi blog-friends!

Just saw that my stats for today went crazy (how?) compared to last couple of weeks so figured I better give those of you who are here some new content.

Earlier in the week I needed some superlazy time and ended up sitting in the kitchen with a huge mug of tea making earrings from a bracelet I had bought in a charity shop.

With Christmas coming up I decided I should try to have some holidays themed posts, and handmade jewellry is a perfect gift or stocking filler. Or just something pretty for yourself to wear.

To make earrings from a bracelet you will need:

  • A bracelet with some interesting components or pretty charms
  • Some earring hooks (while second hand is awesome, you might want to buy these. sanitary reasons and all that)
  • Pliers

Take apart the bracelet and decide what design you want by laying out a few different ones.

When you've chosen one use some chain links from the bracelet to put together the pieces to make the earrings.

Easy as pie! :)

Come back tomorrow for some advent candle lanterns!