Thursday, 25 October 2012

Balmain inspired flats

Hello lovely people!

Autumn has definitely reached this neck of the woods. In all sorts of good ways like using the wood burner, wearing cozy woollens and feeling like baking apple pies (in reality buying cheesecake from the shop). But also in sucky ways like coming down with my second cold in two weeks.

Ah well, great excuse to spend evenings lazing! And that includes updating the blog. So, I bring you my first autumn post: some ballerina shoes.

This was not a planned DIY, I was genuinely shopping for some plain black ballerinas. And did it online. Which is sometimes win and sometimes...well, see below.

I think the camera was too nice to them. What arrived to me was plastic, flimsy shoes that looked like they were not real shoes but in fact some type of toy shoes. They looked horrible.

If I was the kind of girl who doesn't care all would be good as they did fit and were even comfortable. But I do care! I can wear a jumper with moth holes or a little bit too washed out jeans or chipped nail polish. But I shall have beautiful shoes. Hence, this DIY came about.

The inspiration:

I love the look of pearls on leather and want everything from the Balmain AW 2012-13 collection. 

But since that's never going to happen, supplies:

  • Ballerinas
  • Needle and thread
  • Some chain
  • Some pearls
  • Scissors

First, remove the bows if your ballerinas have any. Scissors and a seam ripper to remove the last little bits will do the job.

Then start sewing on your chains. I would have loved slightly chunky chains, but did not have any, so used two rows of thin ones.

Note that the plastic on my shoes was paper thin, so I could get away using a normal needle. If your shoes are made of a thicker material you will need a thicker/stronger needle.

Do the same with the pearls. 

Add another set of chains. If I had more pearls and chains I probably would have covered the whole front of the shoe, but alas ran out.

(Note that the chain and pearls used in this DIY came from the same £2 thrift store necklace as the chains for this necklace. £2 well spent!)

And all done.

Hilda and I wish you a lovely evening!